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Prof. Andreas Herz

Principal Investigator

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität - Department Biology II
Großhaderner Straße 2
82152 Planegg-Martinsried, Germany

Phone: +49-89-2180-74801
Fax: +49-89-2180-74803
Email: herz[at]


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Johannes Nehrkorn

PhD Student

Dinu Patirniche

PhD Student
Johannes Nagele
Arne Harz

Research topics

  • computational neuroscience and cellular biophysics; focus on mechanosensory transduction;
  • neural basis of spatial navigation
  • optimality and adaptation of sensory systems;
  • acoustic communication, auditory processing and sexual selection;
  • olfactory learning
  • interaction of cell-intrinsic rhythms and large-scale oscillations;
  • collective properties of neural networks.

In the past, I have also worked extensively in the fields of applied mathematics, statistical physics, game theory and theoretical immunology.

Scientific approach

  • We use methods from the theory of dynamical systems and probability theory to analyze and model electrophysiological data (partly recorded in my own lab, partly by collaborators) and to compare them with theoretical predictions.
  • We are also developing novel techniques to integrate real-time data analysis methods into neurobiological experiments.

Bernstein projects

  • Remembrance of things (just) past – mechanisms underlying ephemeral memory traces revealed by classical conditioning of temporally disjunct stimuli. Bernstein Focus Learning; Cooperation with Hiromu Tanimoto (Munich) and Giovanni Galizia and Paul Szyszka (Konstanz)